First upgrading plant in the order book

Airco Process Technology got off to a good start being selected by Bigadan A/S to design, deliver and install our Airco amine biogas upgrading plant to the SBS-Kliplev project near Aabenraa.

The article here is in Danish

June 2021

Kliplev Biogas

How to reduce methane slip within biogas

Airco SlipRec maximizes recovery of the biomethane and hence minimizes the critical methane slip. Where existing water scrubber solutions today register a methane slip of up to 3%, the Airco SlipRec technology ensures a loss below 0,1%, leading significantly more methane into the gas grid instead of the atmosphere

Airco SlipRec will be implemented in the future water-based upgrading plants from Airco Process Technology.

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 May 2021

How to reduce methane slip on biogas upgrading