Efficient amine solution delivered

The huge biogas plant installed in Kliplev, Denmark, is one of the larger biogas plants in the world

Sustainable Bio Solutions (SBS) is the company behind the project in Kliplev, Denmark, with Bigadan as the total contractor. Airco Process Technology was appointed as supplier of the upgrading plant.

At the ambitious project in southern Denmark, the site is delivering biomethane to the grid. The biomass is delivered from numerous surrounding farms, which is paramount for filling the 12 huge AD tanks. 

Airco handed over the project in 2022, and thereafter the Airco service department has taken over to ensure any unplanned stoppages and other issues that might occur, are solved instantly 24/7. Uptime is the decisive factor as SBS is paid for every Nm3 delivered to the grid – at the right biomethane quality.

The new facility is delivering 48 mio. Nm3 biomethane directly to the gas grid, biogas that occurs from 1 Mio. tons of digested manure and bedding yearly. Thereby carbon emissions are reduced by more than 100.000 tons annually. The degassed manure is sent back to the farmers with improved fertilizer value.

Kliplev has one ecological and two conventional lines.


carbon capture in action. 

Sustainable Bio Solutions is the company behind the project in Kliplev, Denmark

48 mio. Nm3

Annual production capacity

Amine scrubber

Technology type





SBS, Kliplev  

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