Biogas Upgrading

We have developed next-generation of water- and amine-based biogas upgraders that enable biogas plants to be operated more efficiently and with the option of converting the biogas stream not only into natural gas grid specification methane but also into high-value products such as liquid bio methane and bio CO2  

Airco Process Technology – Obviously Green

Airco’s new upgrading solution for biogas plants is a full electrical solution that converts approx. 99,9% of the biogas to biomethane.

Airco’s new upgrading solution for biogas plants, is a full electrical solution that captures and utilizes approx. 99,9% biomethane.

With our patented SlipRec unit, the methane slip is reduced significantly and the overall performance of water scrubber-based biogas upgrading plants is improved significantly.

When biogas from AD’s is split into Methane and Carbon Dioxide in a Biogas Upgrading plant, normally only the Methane is utilized. It is however relatively easy also to capture and utilize the Bio CO2  , offering a second value stream.

Why Upgrade Biogas

In most cases upgrading biogas to biomethane for the natural gas grid is the most financially attractive option for biogas plant owners.

In addition to the methane stream, there is a significant CO2  stream from biogas upgraders. Traditionally this has been viewed as a potential liability, but with the current investments in Power-to-X technologies, there will be a very substantial need for CO2  from green sources, such as biogas.

Biomethane from our upgraders can also be liquefied (as CBG or LBG) and can for instance be used in the transportation sector (trucks, heavy machinery, ships).

You can learn more about our LBG/CBE solutions here….