Biomethane Liquefaction Pretreatment

We have patent applied for a new liquefaction pretreatment polisher, designed for trace CO2  removal from biomethane, also known as deep CO2  removal.

Airco Process Technology – Obviously Green

Airco Process Technology’s Biomethane polisher is designed for removing trace levels of CO2  from biomethane or natural gas, also known as deep CO2  removal.

Why Liquefy Methane

The heavy transport sector is a big contributor to climate change, with emissions from trucks and buses making up about one-fifth of all transportation CO2.

While many solutions are available for reducing the environmental impact of transportation, such as electric vehicles or better public transportation, they often require major infrastructure changes or behavioral changes from consumers.

Liquid BioGas provides a simple and easy way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the heavy transport sector using existing technology. LBG can be substituted 1:1 for diesel fuel in nearly all vehicles, resulting in a 100% renewable fuel source.