Biomethane Liquefaction Pretreatment

We have patent applied for a new liquefaction pretreatment polisher, designed for trace CO2  removal from biomethane, also known as deep CO2  removal.

Airco Process Technology – Obviously Green

Airco Process Technology’s Biomethane polisher is designed for removing trace levels of CO2  from biomethane or natural gas, also known as deep CO2  removal.

Why Liquefy Methane

LBG (Liquid BioGas) is the easiest way to substitute today’s use of fossil fuel in the heavy transport sector 1:1 using nearly the same drivelines as the current diesel vehicles.
All solutions and equipment are available. In addition, when increasing the number of domestic facilities where renewable and fossil-free fuel is produced, it becomes possible to reduce/eliminate today’s transport of fossil fuels across the land.
As a fuel LBG (Bio-LNG)

Provides a 100% renewable fuel for the transport sector = eliminate the use of fossil fuel.

Reduces pollution (less NOx, less particles, and less noise) Allows local areas to become self-sufficient by creating their own renewable fuel.