Decarbonising Scottish distilleries

Ambitious CO₂-capturing plans bring together entrepreneurial partners

Carbon Capture Scotland has entered an exclusive agreement with Danish Airco Process Technology as a technology supplier. The first orders are in place with operations planned from late summer 2023.

Carbon Capture Scotland is COcapture, utilisation and removal specialist. The future growth strategy is focused on utilising and removing carbon through capturing biogenic  CO2 and sequestering via geological storage (CCUS).

The ambitions are high for the brothers: Ed and Richard Nimmons. They have worked with dry ice for almost ten years, but now the focus is set on disposing of up to 1 million tons of  CO2 by 2030 from fermentation processes, equivalent to decarbonising the gas and electricity of over 175,000 average UK homes. To fulfill their goals the brothers looked for a matching partner to deliver the right technology and decided to go with Airco Process.

First projects are on track

More than half of the distilleries in Scotland – which means approx. 180 sites – are qualified to be part of the project, and the expectations are to remove 1 mio. Tons of  CO2 from that industry. And it makes good sense to do so. CEO Richard Nimmons explains: “Capturing biogenic CO2 emissions –  CO2 that is produced via organic processes such as whisky fermentation, anaerobic digestion, and biomass incineration is biogenic CO2 and when you remove it from the air and permanently store it, you produce negative emissions. We have further ensured the whole logistics for transporting to sequestration sites where the CO2 is permanently removed, so we handle the full value chain of construction, operating, transportation and storage.”

Great match for Airco Process Technology

Carbon Capture Scotland still wishes to utilize part of the CO2 captured for dry ice but capturing the CO2 and purifying it to the required quality, takes expertise.

Aftermarket Manager, Ronni Blicher Madsen is very enthusiastic about the new agreement: “For Airco Process, we can very much relate to Carbon Capture Scotland’s ambitions. We are on a combined mission of contributing to a green future and utilizing all value streams available. They can both run and own the plants and have a great setup with partners and customers. We have the right knowledge, team, and technologies for ensuring efficient CO2 capture.”

Long-lasting partnership

The Nimmons brothers were looking for long-lasting partnerships: “It was absolute criteria that we found a partner with flexibility, who understood the scalability of the market and possessed the ability to understand the big picture. It was crucial for us that our partners and suppliers are entrepreneurial, and target driven. For the coming 4-5 years we will focus on the distilleries here in Scotland, thereafter the world is open for significant medium and long term scale.”

Carbon Capture Scotland

Founded by management team with more than 20 years of combined experience in the CO2 industry. They are Scotland’s CO2 superheroes; they both capture, use and remove the CO2, and develop partnerships to enable the transportation and sequestration of CO2 emissions, targeting the net removal of >200,000t CO2 from the atmosphere per year 2030.


carbon capture in action. 

Picture: Ed and Richard Nimmons 

900 kg/h

Production capacity

Amine scrubber

Technology type





Picture: Ed and Richard Nimmons 

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