Carbon capture

Airco Process Technology is a global technology leader in process plants designed to capture and purify COfrom various high and low concentration sources.

Airco Process Technology – Obviously Green

High concentration sources include Biogas, fermentation, and certain chemical and petrochemical waste streams. CO2 sources are generally considered as being high concentration when the CO2 content exceeds 95%
Low concentration sources include power plant stack gas, waste incineration, engines and turbines, and similar types of waste streams, with a CO concentration of more than 3%

Why Capture CO2

Generating heat and power is essential for life and many industrial processes. However, it frequently contributes to unwanted CO emissions.
To support our world remains in balance, it is possible to recover this CO with Airco’s solution before it emerges into the atmosphere.
As the amount of CO in a flue gas source is limited (between 4 to 9 %), a thermal driven process is required to capture CO2  from flue gas.

Several technologies are today available, requiring different amounts of heat to capture CO.

At Airco we have chosen only to focus on Carbon Capture solutions that require the lowest possible heat input.