Carbon Capture

Airco Process Technology is a global technology leader in CCUS plants designed to capture and purify COfrom various high and low-concentration sources.

Airco Process Technology – Obviously Green

High concentration sources include Biogas, fermentation, and certain chemical and petrochemical waste streams. CO2 sources are generally considered as being high concentration when the CO2 content exceeds 95%
Low concentration sources include power plant stack gas, waste incineration, engines and turbines, and similar types of waste streams, with a CO concentration of more than 3%


If you’re looking for a way to help reduce your carbon footprint, Airco’s CCUS technologies are the perfect solution.
With several different technologies available, Airco can tailor a solution to your specific needs. Best of all, our carbon capture technology is highly effective, meaning you can trust that your carbon emissions will be significantly reduced with minimal energy consumption.
So why wait? Contact Airco today to learn more about our carbon capture solutions.