Carbon Capture from high CO2 concentration sources

Our Carbon Capture plants are designed to be suitable for CCS/CCU as well as food-grade applications. Depending on the CO2 source, and if the desired product is technical or food-grade, different design approaches are applicable.

Airco Process Technology – Obviously Green

High CO2 Concentration Carbon Capture Plant Key Features:

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Why Capture CO2 from High Concentration Sources

With the projected rise in Power-to-X, CO2 is quickly becoming a valuable commodity that is needed to decarbonize the planet.
Capturing carbon dioxide from high concentration sources is the cheapest and most efficient way to make technical or food-grade CO2.

CO2 from non-fossil sources is often referred to as green or bio CO2.
CO2 from biogas plants is an example of such a source.

After biogas upgrading, this CO2 source is today typically vented to the atmosphere. However, with Airco’s Bio CO2 recovery, it will be possible also to utilize this value stream.
Capturing Bio CO2 is relatively simple compared to capturing CO2 from many other sources. For instance, the concentration of CO2 in this off-gas is very high and only contains a limited number of unwanted impurities. Therefore, it is easier, cheaper, and more energy-efficient to capture, purify and liquefy.