Methane Slip Recovery Unit for existing biogas upgrading plants using Water Scrubbing. 

With Airco Process Technology’s Slip Rec unit, the methane slip is reduced significantly and the overall performance of water scrubber-based biogas upgrading plants is improved significantly.

Airco’s Slip Rec unit improves the performance of the existing water scrubbing plant in the following ways:

increases the plant capacity (more methane utilized).
reduces the methane slip (slip reduced to approx. 0,15%).
eliminates the need for an RTO (investment, maintenance and OPEX).
ensures the plant will fulfill/exceed regulatory requirements (< 0,2%).
keeps the plant “green” and increases profit.
reduces the power consumption (in most cases)

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Why is it a benefit to
reduce the methane slip

Transforming biogas into biomethane using water scrubbing, is a low-cost, reliable, chemical, and heat-free solution for biogas upgrading. When compared with other upgrading technologies such as Membrane, PSA, and Amine solutions – water scrubbing offers many advantages:

Very reliable process
Low power consumption
No need for H2S / VOC polishing
No need for chemicals
No need for heat
All electric process – no heat source required 

The only real disadvantage with biogas upgrading using water scrubbing, has until now been a high methane slip. Existing plants have today a direct loss of unutilized biomethane on between 1 and 3% (direct loss of production capacity and revenue) – diluting the green footprint of the entire biogas plant.

A common way to overcome the biomethane emissions has been, to equip the plant with an RTO unit (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer). It burns off the methane slip and converts the just produced renewable energy into CO2 and heat, which is obviously not desirable either from an environmental or financial point of view.

Airco Process Technology’s  Slip Rec unit (patent pending) changes the game.
In other words, existing biogas upgrading plants using water scrubbing technology will surpass the performance of other upgrading technologies available on the market once it is equipped with a Slip Rec unit.