Airco Process Technology has developed a patented technology, Airco SlipRec which will be implemented in the future water-scrubber upgrading plants designed by the company.

Airco SlipRec maximizes recovery of the biomethane and hence minimizes the critical methane slip. Where existing water scrubber solutions today register a methane slip of up to 3% or more, the Airco SlipRec technology ensures a loss below 0,1%, leading significantly more methane into the gas grid instead of to the atmosphere.

Airco SlipRec can also be retrofitted into existing water-based biogas upgrading plants, along with online measuring equipment if required, which makes it possible to document the actual reduced methane slip.    

In addition to the significantly improved efficiency in biomethane recovery utilization when using the Airco SlipRec technology it can also add to plant capacity on existing water scrubber plants. The power consumption per Nm3 biomethane is reduced and the plant overall becomes more robust and resistant to fluctuations in the raw gas.