Biogas Upgrading & Carbon Capture 

Airco Process Technology – Obviously Green

It is our clear mission to engineer and supply next generation technologies, for highly efficient biogas upgrading and carbon capture plants. Our plant design philosophy ensures maximun ressource utilization and operational reliability.  Our solutions are unique and developed to meet future requirements.

Biogas Upgrading

Innovative solutions for a cleaner world, this is our main goal. Let’s change it together, for the benefit of your biogas upgrading plant and the environment.

Carbon Capture

Our carbon capture plants are designed to capture and purify CO2 from various high and low-concentration CO2 sources.

Biomethane Liquefaction

Our Biomethane polisher is designed for removing trace levels of CO2 from biomethane or natural gas, also known as deep CO2 removal.


Our extensive service program ensures you the right support to keep your plant in shape to perform optimally at all times. Our service is your guarantee for the best possible ROI and a long plant lifetime.